[Devilsfilm] Vanessa Vega (My BEST Friend Stole My GIRLfriend)


Stirling Cooper is recovering at his best friend’s place after a night of partying. His best friend’s girlfriend Vanessa Vega comes to check on him and they chat. Vanessa jokingly asks Stirling if he met any hot girls on the dancefloor last night and Stirling tells her he struck out. As a matter of fact, since he didn’t get any last night, he has a MAJOR case of morning wood!Vanessa laughs modestly, but can’t help glancing at his package. Stirling catches her looking and flirtatiously suggests that Vanessa stick around and help him out. Vanessa’s shocked at first but her shock quickly turns to excitement as they start kissing, tearing each other’s clothes off.That’s ONE way to cure a hangover!


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